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Ashkenazic and Sephardic tefillin

There are tefillin shel yad where the handle is on one side of the box and the knot is on the other, and there are also tefillin shel had where the handle and the knot are on the same side of the box. ...
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Are there online sources for learning Te’amim of Tehillim?

Are there any online sources for learning how to read the Sephardi Te’amim of Tehillim? While I can find recordings, I can’t find any list or descriptions of the exceptions and such—for example, when ...
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Book on Noahides by Sefardi Chief Rabbi

I heard from someone that there is a book on Noahides written by the Sefardi Chief Rabbi. But, I couldn't find it. Does anyone know of this book, if it exists and which book it is?
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If the Torah tells us 36 times to love the stranger where did the sephardic minhag of not marrying geirim come from?

To my understanding, the Syrian Jewish community of New York adheres to an "Edict" forbidding marriage to a convert. If the Torah tells us 36 times to love the convert where did this ...
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