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When can we call a holiday "Shabbat"?

In talking about Pessaḥ, the Torah says that Shavuot begins seven complete weeks from “the day after Shabbat”. [Leviticus 23:15-16] Which Shabbat? Unspecified. The Sadducees said it’s the Shabbat ...
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Which group came first - the Pharisees or the Sadducees - and how far back can their origins be traced?

From what little I know, I understand that Sadducees were upper-class wealthy men, mostly from Jerusalem, who made up the Jewish aristocracy. Pharisees came from all economic classes but were ...
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In specifics what oral tradition did the Sadducees believe in

Judaism today took the view of the Pharsies and not the Sadducees, do we know what the Sadducees believed in? What we know- they reject some sort of oral tradition. Yet according to the sources (the ...
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Prior to the destruction of the Temple how did a Jew become either a Pharisee or a Sadducee?

I have been given an assignment which asks various questions about the Pharisees and the Sadducees, relating to the time prior to the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem by the Roman Empire. The ...
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Sadducees versus Pharisees about Shavuot

When the Sadducees tried to argue that Shavuot comes on the Sunday after the first Shabbat in Pessah (because the Torah says "the day after Shabbat") Rabban Yoḥanan ben Zakkai countered them ...
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Why weren't Tzaddok and Baytos put to death?

Why weren't Tzaddok and Baytos, fathers of the Tz'ddokim and Baytosim, put to death as z'kenim mamrim?
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What made Yochanan go off?

After Yochanan served as the Kohen Gadol for 80 years, he "left the fold" (Berachos 29a) ולא והא תנן אל תאמין בעצמך עד יום מותך שהרי יוחנן כ"ג שמש בכהונה גדולה שמנים שנה ולבסוף נעשה צדוקי The ...
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Did Sadducees contribute to halacha? [duplicate]

We know that Sadducees served on the Sanhedrin and even became high priests. [Yoma 19b] They did not believe in the afterlife or the resurrection of the dead, but this does not mean their ...
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The Tzidokim and Halacha

During Beis Sheini, as far as i understand the tzidokim were the majority of Cohanim at the time. And as far as i understand they sat on the Sanhedrin. When we see a machlokes in the Mishnah and we ...
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How to Reconcile if/when the Jewish Day Was to Begin at Sunset?

Question: Are there any historical documents that detail the differences in opinions on when the "Jewish Day" began? (Perhaps between Sadducee and Pharisee/Rabbinic definitions, etc). What the ...
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Were there any Sadducees on the Sanhedrin?

Various Jewish sources indicate the presence of Sadducees among the priesthood, including the position of Kohen Gadol. However, are there any Jewish sources that discuss Sadducees on the Great ...
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Did Sadducees consider themselves Jewish?

There are a few quotes where Sadducees try showing to the Rabbis how the Jews are bad people. For example, Yoma 56b: " אמר ליה ההוא צדוקי לר' חנינא השתא ברי טמאים אתון דכתיב טומאתה בשוליה": "A ...
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Why make the Kohen burning the Para Aduma rabbinically impure?

The Gemara says that we make the Kohen burning the Para Aduma (the red heifer) impure and then dip him in the Mikva. The reason given is that there is an argument between the Rabbis and the Sadducees ...
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Sadducees and Karaites - same beliefs?

Did the Karaites and the Sadducees believe in the same "Judaism"?
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Yochanan Kohain Gadol

The Gemara Brachos 29 tells us that Yochanan Kohain Gadol at 80 years old went off the Derech and became a צדוקי. How does this jive with the Gemara in Yuma עברו רוב שנותיו ולא חטא, שוב לא יחטא - 38 - ...
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How does Orthodox Judaism view the Book of Jubillees

How is the Book of Jubilees regarded by Orthodox Jewry (I'm not asking if we believe it existed, but if we hold any of the information in it to be accurate). Is it ever quoted by any of the ...
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