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Questions tagged [s-and-p-sephardi]

This tag is for questions related to the Spanish-Portuguese community (Kehillat Sepharad). It should not be used for questions about North African or Middle Eastern Sephardi 'edot

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What are the machzorim used by Shearith Israel in NYC?

What machzorim are used at Shearith Israel in NYC?
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Did the conversos who continued to live as crypto-Jews in Spain have any Halakhic justification?

Avoda Zara is 'ייהרג ואל יעבור', one of the few transgressions a Jew should give up their life for and be willing to die 'על קידוש השם'. In the medieval period, around the time of the Spanish ...
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Sepharad vs Sephardic siddurs/nusachs

I understand from Chabad's website, as well as my own Rabbi (who is Yeshivish) now that there is a difference between "Sepharad" and "Sepharadi" traditions and siddurs. How do these differ? Who uses ...
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Halachic Works Western Sephardic and Portuguese Hahamim?

I was wondering if anyone could recommend halachic works by the Hahamim of the Western Sephardic and Portuguese communities if any exist. I am aware of such things like Keter Shem Tov which detail ...
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Spanish-Portuguese Torah Vestments

The first Shabbat I was in Yerushalayim (Parshat Shoftim) my father and I davened at the Italian Synagogue. While the nusach there follows the older Roman nusach, the Sifrei Torah are caparisoned in ...
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Sephardi (Spanish-Portuguese) siddur

Is there anywhere where I can find the text of the Spanish nusach online? I can find Sefard and Mizrachi siddurim, but from what I am aware, they vary quite strongly from the old Spanish-Portuguese ...
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Sephardi (Spanish-Portuguese) Minhagim

Is there any resource which details the minhagim of so-called Spanish-Portuguese Jews (the original Sephardim)? Knowing what little I know of their havarah, as well as their relative closeness to the ...
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