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2 answers

What is Ruach Rah

Right in the beginning of Shulchan Aruch we see this idea of "Ruach Rah". In regards to washing ones hands and all that comes before that -- not walking more than 4 amos without washing one's hands, ...
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2 answers

Does Ruach Ra'ah transfer between people

If one washes netilays yadaim in the morning and thus eliminates their ruach ra'ah and then someone who has not yet washed their hands touches you do you have to wash again?
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1 answer

Why are we not concerned about zugos with lechem mishneh?

There is a gemara (Pesachim 110) describing the concern for ruach ra with eating even numbers of foods, in particular: 109b - Question: Why did Chachamim enact to drink four cups? This is ...
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If Animals Drank The Water Post-Netilat Yadayim

Can the tumah water from after netilat yadayim affect animals if they were to drink it?
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Leaving drink out over night

For those who hold that leaving water out uncovered is an issue (Cf. The Gr"a), the same stringency applies to any water-based beverage - like tea, coffee, sugary drinks etc. However, the halacha ...
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