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Examples of people who gained tremendous Torah knowledge very quickly?

I am looking for examples of people in Jewish History who gained tremendous Torah knowledge very quickly. I suppose R Akiva could be an example though it took him 12 years to go from nothing to major ...
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Are there any primary sources discussing the feeling of being near Shekhinah in the Holy Temple?

I think that maybe Philo of Alexandria was one, but that's just a guess from me, and I don't think his writings are that direct. I'm essentially looking for a first-hand extra-Tanakhic source of ...
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How did Saul prophesy after his rebellion?

In 1 Samuel 10, Saul was said to be given a new heart, and the Spirit of Hashem rushed upon him, and he prophesied with a group of prophets. (Please forgive my ignorance of Hebrew.) In 1 Samuel 16:14 ...
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Did G-d put Ruach HaKodesh from Moshe to the 70 elders?

Did G-d put Ruach HaKodesh from Moshe to the 70 elders? Numbers 11:25: Then, after coming down in a cloud and speaking to him, יהוה drew upon the spirit that was on him and put it upon the seventy ...
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Is there any relation between the spirit which Bezaleel was born with and the spirit G-d gave him in Exodus (Shemot) 31:3?

Is there any relation between the spirit which Bezaleel was born with and the spirit G-d gave him in Exodus (Shemot) 31:3? Can a man have more than one spirit? Is the spirit the one who provides the ...
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How does Ruach Hakodesh work?

Are there any sources in Seforim or other (reliable) sources that explain how Ruach Hakodesh works? There are a few questions on the forum here discussing how even regular people sometimes have these ...
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Does ‘it is not in heaven’ imply that we ought not hope for further words from Heaven in this life?

I am struggling to understand the implications of Devarim 30:11-14. I have taken the words ‘it is not in heaven’ to mean that the ‘full counsel’ of HaShem is down here, in the Tanakh, and that one ...
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Interpretations of (pseudo)hallucinations vis a vis the Talmud’s interpretations of dreams

The Talmud (last chapter of Berachot, 55a ff.) contains a long treatment interpreting various visions one may experience “בחלום” (in a dream). If when under the influence of a psychoactive drug an ...
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Source for the Arizal identifying many unmarked graves of legendary Jewish figures?

I remember learning that many of the famous gravesites in Israel- the Rambam, Dan of the 12 tribes, Rav Shimon Bar Yochai, Ruth from Megillas Ruth (not necessarily these exact ones, just giving ...
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Aside from the Arizal has anybody else been able to identify an unknown grave through supernatural means?

It’s said that many of the Kevarim in Tzfas were unknown until the Ari used Ruach Hakodesh to identify them. Has anybody else before or since been able to do this or was he the first & only?
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Source for parents having ruach hakodesh when naming a child?

I remember hearing that parents have Ruach Hakodesh when choosing a name for their child. What's the source for this idea? And do the sources discuss what this actually means? (If a parent gives a ...
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Proof of Divine Inspiration in Megillas Esther

The Talmud (Megillah 7a) tries to prove that Megillas Esther was composed with Divine Inspiration: It has been taught: R. Eleazar said: Esther was composed under the inspiration of the holy ...
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Is it correct to trust one's intuition?

Please provide some Torah-based perspectives on the topic of how appropriate and/or advisable it is for a regular Jew in this day and age to listen to his instincts, e.g. about practical matters ...
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What is the Jewish understanding of the Holy Spirit? [closed]

Christians believe in the Holy Spirit. They believe that the Holy Spirit is the third hypostasis of the Trinity, and is thus 100% God. What Christians called the "New Testament" talks about the Holy ...
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What is greater: nevua or ruach hakodesh?

What is greater: nevua or ruach hakodesh? Which one is a higher level, prophecy or holy spirit? In Yerushalmi Succa Perek 1 Halacha 5 we find Yona ben Amiti, a novi, went to simchas beis hashuava ...
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Ruach haKodesh and Shekinah?

What is the difference between Ruach haKodesh and Shekinah? Is there a difference between the two concepts or are they exactly the same?
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how could Korach have ruach hakodesh

Rashi says that Korach saw with ruach hakodesh (divine inspiration) that the prophet Samuel would descend from him. Yet Rashi also implies he had the bad traits of jealousy and arrogance. How could ...
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