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rov am hadras melech by koton? [duplicate]

Is there an idea of rov am hadras melech (a larger group of people is greater glory for the King) for a minor or anybody else who would be exempt from a mitzva like praying with a minyan (quorum)? ...
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BeRov Am Hadrat HaMelech - Even if person doesn't hear the Chazan?

In choosing Minyan the Klal BeRov Am Hadrat HaMelech (more people is better) applies. But if minyan is so huge that there are difficulties for a person, who is far from Chazan to hear him. Is it ...
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Parameters for brov am?

What are they parameters of brov am hadras melech? is it a requirement or a hiddur? does it apply equally to men, women and children? why does it not seem to apply to zimun (preferable to split into ...
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Kiddush BeRov 'Am

Does BeRov 'Am Hadrath Melech (the King's glory is in the multitudes, ie., the more people praise HaShem together, the more glorious it is for Him) apply to making Kiddush? I've heard it said so ...
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Zerizin Makdimin or Brov Am

If you have a choice of doing a Mitzva earlier and being Mekayem Zerizin Makdimin or doing it later and at that point there would be more people doing the Mitzva together and thus you would gain Brov ...
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