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Questions regarding the views of Rav Yosef Rosen, the Rogatchover Gaon.

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Trying to understand this Tzafnat Pa'neach

I am intrigued by this verse (Genesis 6:3): יהוה said, “My breath shall not abide in humankind forever, since it too is flesh; let the days allowed them be one hundred and twenty years.” I see there ...
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Six fundamental disagreements - The Rogatchover

I heard (in the name of the Rogatchover) that there are six fundamental disagreements upon which all the disagreements in Shas are based. Assuming that this is true, does anybody know what they are?
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When does a person transcend to status "Tzadik sets his bar"?

Background: we had a motivational lecture in our Kollel today, with a Rabbi praising virtues of studying Torah (towards Shavuos). He brought a couple of stories about prominent Rabbis dedicating their ...
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Amoraim unique to Masechtas

I heard before (I think in the name of the Rogatchover) that there is one Amora in every masechta of Talmud that does not appear in any other masechta. Is there a source for this, and is there a list ...
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Perplexing Abbreviation in Tzafnas Paneach

The Tzafnas Paneach has a strange abbreviation in his commentary to Rambam, Sefer Zmanim, Chapter 5, Halacha 5. Here's the Rambam: ונהגו כל ישראל בזמנים אלו להתענות בשלשה עשר ג באדר זכר לתענית שהתענו ...
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