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Questions tagged [reshuth-harabim-public-domain]

Questions regarding the halachic construct(s) of the public domain.

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Reshus Harabim: Now vs Then

Throughout contemporary halachah, it seems that there are generally no more actual reshus harabim's anymore (except for certain places such as Brooklyn, NY). My questions are: There are way more ...
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Could a modern eruv ever be satisfactory to the Rambam?

The Rambam in MT Shabbat 14:1 defines a Reshut HaRabbim as including not only roads and market squares but also wildernesses and forests. Commentators clarify the inclusion of wildernesses and ...
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Drinking from a water fountain without an Eruv on Shabbos

Assuming a water fountain is unplugged, non-electric, or somehow operational without any Melachos involved (or one is swallowing rain drops), would one have any problem consuming food or liquid from ...
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Wearing a candy-bracelet tied using red string outside an Eruv on Shabbos

What are the Halachic ramifications of wearing a Western Wall red string (which people consider clothing) which has candies tied to it (like a candy-bracelet) on Shabbos outside an Eruv? Is it ...
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Where to light chanukah candles in an apartment?

Shulchan Aruch Orach Chayim 671:5 rules that one places one's chanukah lights by the door that leads to the reshut harabim, and that if one has a courtyard between his house and the reshut harabim, ...
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Why can an Eruv be made in cities nowadays?

Some Facts: An eruv cannot be made in a reshus harabim. Many eruvin are made in cities nowadays. Cities are much bigger now than they were thousands of years ago. Yet it seems that in those days, ...
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