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If a renter is leaving their apartment and does not know who will be renting it after they leave, can they take their mezuzot?

If a renter is leaving their apartment (owned by a non-Jew) and does not know who will be renting it after they leave, can they take their mezuzot? I have only found discussions when it is known who ...
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Must One Remove the Mezuzot from a House Rented to Gentiles?

Is there any obligation to take down your mezuzot if a house you own (and live in some of the time) is rented to Gentiles for an extended period of time (e.g. over 30 days)? I ask because I recently ...
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Halachic definition of a house for rent

House renting services like Airbnb are very popular these days and I've used their services while traveling abroad. Usually, the advertisement requires pictures of the place, but many times those are ...
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Who is responsible for exterminating cockroaches in house - tenant or landlord?

If a rental house is infested with cockroaches, what does the halacha say about who is responsible for hiring an exterminator, the landlord or the tenant?
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What responsibility does a current tenant have to warn a prospective future tenant?

A tenant is leaving the property he had rented at the end of the contract period. The landlord has arranged for prospective future tenants to view the property, while the current tenant is still there....
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"Karka Einah Nigzeles" (land can't be stolen) - really?

Borrowing is just renting without paying for it. Since you can rent land, you should be able to borrow it. If you can borrow something, you can borrow it without permission. Borrowing without ...
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How early can I take down my mezuzos before a move?

Suppose a Jew will be vacating an apartment or other property rented from a gentile. In such a case, he is permitted to take down his mezuzos before leaving. How long before actually moving out may he ...
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Landlords and Mezuzot

If a Jewish landlord is renting to a Jewish tenant, does he have an obligation to put up mezuzot himself, or is it still the tenants obligation? For practical applications, CYLOR
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If you put up a mezuzah before 30 days, can you make a blessing?

I am referring above all to mezuzahs placed on rented spaces in the Diaspora before 30 days have elapsed. In the case of a rented space outside Eretz Yisroel, mezuzah does not become an obligation ...
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Does one really have 30 days to put up a mezuza outside Eretz Israel?

It is broadly known and codified that one has 30 days to put up a mezuza when renting a home outside Eretz Israel. I heard that this dated from the times where Jews might be expelled in their first 30 ...
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Having work done for a lessor on Shabbat

What is the halacha of having a plumber do work on Shabbat on rental property that is owned by a Jew? The owner will not be present during the work, meaning that the plumber has the keys to the ...
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Intentionally using a grace period on a rental

I recently rented a bike for a few hours, and the person in charge of the rental told us that we have "X number of hours, and a 15 minute grace period," followed by the warning that if we don't return ...
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What are customs for eruv chatzerot in apartment buildings that also have gentiles as tenants

Eruv chatzeirois: I.e. 2 buildings with the same owner, and all Jews want to carry into the common (for both buildings) enclosed courtyard on Shabos There are also non-Jewish tenants Is it enough ...
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Borrowing vs renting money

Is it wrong to "rent" a Jewish person some money? Since he needs to use it, and once he is done using it he will pay you back.
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Is a renter allowed to withhold rent if the landlord does not fulfill his duties?

If a landlord drags his feet on fixing things in his property, is the renter allowed to withhold rent until he does so? Alternatively, may the renter bring someone to fix it himself and pay from the ...
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Renting building from a church

The question of renting a hall in a Church to use for a simcha (bar mitzvah) has been discussed. I have a similar question, however a little different. There is a Christian church that owns a large ...
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Mezuzah on rental property

If you own a home that you rent out, are you obligated to place a Mezuzah (or Mezuzoth) on that property? What if the property is attached to your home, such as a basement apartment or add-on suite?
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Would you make a Shehechiyanu when you lease a new car?

When you purchase a new car you would make a Shehechiyanu. Would you also make a Shehechiyanu if you leased a new car?
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Renting a simcha hall from a church

Is there a halachic problem with renting a hall that belongs to a church for a bar mitzvah?
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