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Concept of sinner?

In Judaism is there a concept of being a sinner. What I mean by that is in the xhristian religion, most everyone considers themselves a sinner. Would not the point be to consider yourself righteous ...
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Selling Christmas ornaments?

Long ago I met a Jewish couple whose business was selling secular Christmas ornaments and paraphernalia. Is there universal agreement on whether this is halachically allowed?
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Is it ok for a Jew to wear tzitzit with a blue string (techeiles)? [closed]

I was told by someone today that some mo religious zionists will wear tzitzit with a blue string? That it is becoming more popular. I have never heard this before. Edit- I know what techeiles are I ...
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What is the proper way to dispose of a worn or soiled religious garment? [duplicate]

What does one do with an item, such as a tallis, which is damaged to the point where it is beyond repair and can no longer be used? Please let me know if your answer can be generalized to other ...
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Why do Jewish books use shiny text on the spine?

I have noticed that sefarim (Jewish books) tend to use golden-colored shiny text on the spine and cover. Of course, there are some notable exceptions (e.g. books by Mossad HaRav Kook), but this seems ...
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What was the shape of the Luchot?

According to the Talmud in Bava Batra 14a, the Luchot HaBrit were square. As a side note, I have seen those "correctly-modeled Luchot" in the Shteblach of Meah Shearim. Where did the common "tablet" ...
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Burial in Kittel

There is a custom for men to wear a Kittel, a special white robe, on the High Holidays and at the Pesach Seder. Also, a Kittel is one of the traditional Jewish burial garments. The same word is used ...
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Cutting Tefillin Retzuos

As we know, the outside of the tefillin's retzuos (phylacteries' straps) must be black. Lately, I've noticed that the very end of the retzuah of my shel yad (tefillin of the arm) is cracking and ...
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