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Questions regarding the life, writings, and rulings of Rabbi Akiva Eiger, z"l.

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Why is R. Akiva Eiger the only one to comment regarding the actual language in 1 Chronicles 17:9?

In Gilyon HaShas on bShabbat 55b, R. Akiva Eiger includes bBerachot 7b's statement רַב הוּנָא רָמֵי כְּתִיב ״לְעַנּוֹתוֹ״, וּכְתִיב: ״לְכַלּוֹתוֹ״ as an example in which hazal's quotation of a pasuk ...
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R' Akiva Eiger and the epidemic

A rav mentioned it to me that R' Akiva Eiger got an award from the Prussian king, because during an epidemic in Posen he, in accordance with the doctors and the authorities, required the strict ...
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How and why did R. Akiva Eiger try to emulate the Rashba?

I'm attending a bar mitzva celebration recently, and the father of the boy gives a short speech. During his speech he mentions in passing that Rabbi Akiva Eiger (1761–1837, modern-day Austria ...
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Seudas Rabbi Akiva Eiger

What does R. Akiva Eiger hold about long distance involvement in another person's simcha? I have heard that contrary to legend he actually held that such participation is meaningless and that the ...
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