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Private conversions [closed]

Chalom Are private orthodox conversions are kosher according halacha ? For exemple, I converted sincerely throught a private Beit Din headed by Rav Chaim Amsellem . The Chief Rabbinate did not ...
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What are the limits to "shev v'al ta'aseh"?

The Rabbinic power to ban a practice such as blowing shofar on Shabbat is called "shev v'al ta'aseh" - "sit and don't do it." Is there any limit to the power? For instance, could ...
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How can "Lo Sasur" be used as a primary source for the power of rabbinic legislation?

The context of "Lo Sasur" is that when the law isn't clear the kohanim (and the shofet) at the mikdash are the final authority. See Devarim 17:8-11 (ח) כִּי יִפָּלֵא מִמְּךָ דָבָר ...
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