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The Rosh (13-14th century) is a major Halachic commentator on the Gemara

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Is there a code of the Rosh in a single volume?

I am familiar of modern single volume editions of the codes of Rambam (other) and Alfasi. I have yet to come across such a volume of the Rosh. Has such such a volume been produced?
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Is there any place where Shulchan Aruch rules with the Rosh against the Rif and Rambam?

I am arguing with a friend about whether the Shulchan Aruch, being Sepharadi, weighed Sepharadi poskim higher than Ashkenazi ones. The above question came up.
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Simanim in the Rosh

In the Rosh's work found at the back of most gemaras, his halachos are split up into simanim (sections). I am wondering whether we can make inferences from how the simanim are split up and hence want ...
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When the רא״ש refers to "הגאון", who is he referring to?

A friend posted on Facebook the following question, and I couldn't solve it based on any context, so I thought I'd bring it here. When the רא״ש refers to "הגאון", who is he referring to? Is there ...
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Authenticity of Rosh's commentary to Torah

What do different sources state regarding the authenticity of the commentary to the Torah attributed to Rosh? I remember seeing people claiming that it is missatributed. If I recall, the suggested ...
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Rabbeinu Asher ben Yeḥiel's nickname(s)

Rabbi Asher ben Yeḥiel, is usually called "Rabbeinu Asher" or "The רא"ש" (pronounced by most Israelis as "Rosh"; often in North America it is pronounced like the English word "rush"*). However, today ...
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The Rif and the Rosh on Nazir and Sotah

Where can I find the commentaries of the Rif and of the Rosh on Tractates Nazir and Sotah? They're not in my gemara (Oz v'Hadar), and I was wondering if they were appended to a different tractate?
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