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Questions regarding the 14th (or 15th) of Adar I on Jewish leap years.

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Why is there no Ta'anit Esther Katan?

In a leap year, Purim is marked in the second Adar. In the first Adar, the 14th is noted as Purim Katan and the day after, as Shushan Purim Katan. The implications are limited (basically) to slight ...
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Purim Katan in Adar I but no Purim Gadol in Adar II

Wikipedia says the following: During leap years on the Hebrew calendar, Purim is celebrated in the second month of Adar... The 14th of the first Adar is then called Purim Katan ("Little Purim" in ...
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Why is there no exchanging of food gifts during Purim Katan?

Purim Katan ("little Purim") occurs on the 14th and 15th of Adar I, which is only during leap years, such as the current year. Mishnah Megillah 1:4 says: קראו את המגילה באדר הראשון ונתעברה השנה, ...
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What is the source for observing Purim Katan?

As this year is a Judaic leap year, we shall be observing Purim Kattan ("little" Purim) on the 14 and 15 of Adar I (Feb. 24 and 25 on the Gregorian calendar.) (This holiday occurs every Judaic leap ...
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