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A pruzbul is a Jewish legal document that signs over a debt to the Jewish courts in order to avoid it becoming null after the sabbatical year.

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Does a car constitute land ownership for pruzbul?

What are the rules regarding land ownership for a pruzbul? Yad Avraham in Uktzin 3:10 quotes a gemara in Bava Basra stating that for a pruzbul to be effective the debtor (one who owes money) must be ...
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Does a Gemach that lends money need a Prozbul?

Does a Gemach that lends money need a Prozbul? Individuals protect their loans from loss in the seventh year through Prozbul. Does a Gemach run by a committee of three need the same protection?
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Why the difference between a loan and a prozbul with respect to antedating and postdating?

Mishnah Shevi'it 10:5 says: A pre-dated prozbul is valid, but a post-dated one, is invalid. Pre-dated loan documents [of loans] are invalid, but post-dated one valid. Source:
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Commisioning a pruzbul in Monsey area

What are the procedures for commissioning a pruzbul, e.g. in the greater Monsey, NY area? Are there local batei din or shul rabbis who do this? Can it be done online?
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