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Questions tagged [product-recommendation]

Questions asking for a recommended product, book, website, etc. Note that questions must have an objective answer; primarily opinion based questions are off-topic.

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What is known about Eliyahu from Tishbe?

I am interested in knowing as much as possible about Eliyahu, both from oral and written tradition. Are there any book(s) and sources that mention something that surely must have been happened but ...
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Resource on reasons/intention for mitzvot

I would like to know if there is a resource, preferably a book, that gives the reason/intention of specific mitzvot. My question stems from a shiur i heard from rabbi akiva tatz. Where he said ...
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Western Ashkenazi machzor

OK, I know we've got the Rödelheim and the Adler machzorim which typically adhere to Western Ashkenazi minhag, but the former is prohibitively expensive and the latter appears to be out of print. ...
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Does Seret Vizhnitz have a particular kittle style and where can I buy?

My family are affiliated with Seret Vizhnitz Haifa. I have always wanted to find out what particular kittle style they wear on YK, or if it is a generic one. When I got married, a friend gave me his ...
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Is there an English Shulchan Aruch Audio online?

Is there anyone online that gives a straight English Shulchan Aruch shiur online? Shulchan Aruch not Kitzur Shulchan Aruch.
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Inexpensive succah roof material?

Common schach materials include: bamboo poles, other wooden poles or slats, reeds, corn stalks, bamboo mats. Reeds and corn stalks are not always readily available. Seeking ideas for inexpensive ...
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How do you get your money from your home tzedaka box to your favorite charity?

Okay now I have this tzedaka box sitting in my living room and it's full of coins and crumpled bills. How do I give that to my favorite charity? Or any charity?
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Looking for an article about eruv

I'm looking for an article, that covers every aspects, bits and pieces about the eruv that lets people carry on Shabbat. Sources, history, contemporary situation, so on.
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