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9 votes
1 answer

Is davening/learning in a prison cell allowed?

In most prison/custody cells in the UK, and likely elsewhere in the world, there is no seperation between the living/sleeping area and the toilet. Is a person allowed to daven or learn Torah in such a ...
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Halachic resources for someone going to Jail

Are there Halachic resources or books that can be recommended to a frum person who will be in a jail outside of Israel (and such country does not respect religious/human rights enough to provide ...
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10 votes
4 answers

Does a jail-cell need a mezuzah?

Does one in jail need to put a mezuzah on his cell? Assuming this is a standard American jail. If it is a jail owned by a Jew, is there an obligation on the inmate or the owner?
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24 votes
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Does the Torah ever mention jail as a punishment for a crime?

I have learned that punishments in the Torah often (always?) have a rehabilitative aspect to them as well as providing justice to the victim, e.g. someone who steals and can't pay back the value of ...
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10 votes
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Making Bracha on Channukah Candles in Jail

Someone who is in jail and is able to light Channukah candles, can/should he make a bracha? I don't know if being in Jail is considered to be like having a home that someone would have a chiyuv to ...
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