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Kings of Israel and the prohibition of "many wives"

The Torah explicitly states that kings should refrain from having many wives (Devarim 16:17): וְלֹ֤א יַרְבֶּה־לּוֹ֙ נָשִׁ֔ים וְלֹ֥א יָס֖וּר לְבָב֑וֹ וְכֶ֣סֶף וְזָהָ֔ב לֹ֥א יַרְבֶּה־לּ֖וֹ מְאֹֽד׃ And ...
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Polygamy and ways of the nations

Would not practicing Polygamy fall under the category of copying the customs of gentiles? A certain mainstream religion makes a point of having one and only one wife. Are Jews technically copying that ...
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Where exactly does R' Saadia Gaon explain why a woman marrying two men is מתנגד לשכל?

ר' סעדיה גאון על בראשית ד׳:י״ח "וכבר ביארנו קודם בפרשת מעשה אדם שהשכל מתנגד לנשואי אשה אחת לשני אנשים, אבל אינו מתנגד לנשואי שתי נשים לאיש אחד" Can someone give me an exact location for the &...
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Does the scope of "נערה/Naarah" used in Mishle/Proverbs 31 include wives and/or concubines?

In Mishlei/Proverbs 31:15 it states: She riseth also while it is yet night, and giveth food to her household, and a portion to her maidens. וַתָּקָם, בְּעוֹד לַיְלָה--וַתִּתֵּן טֶרֶף לְבֵיתָהּ; ...
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If Israel legalized polygamy, how would the rabbis react? [duplicate]

If the Israeli government decided to legalize polygamy, how would the rabbinical establishment react? Would they allow it religiously or not? If not, on what grounds, given that the Torah allows it? ...
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Polygamous rabbis? [duplicate]

Has any rabbi in Talmudic days had more than one wife at a time? I don't know of any record of this. In fact, the Talmud frequently mentions a rabbi's "wife", meaning he only had one. The only ...
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Is there anything in the Tanakh or Talmud about co-wives helping raise the child of other co-wives upon widowhood (or absence of husband)?

I just met an Israeli woman, who said that she became a widow when her first and only child was five years old. She said that if it wasn't for her husband having more than one wife, with whom she ...
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Can a Jew be polygamous today?

Polygamy is allowed by the Torah but outlawed in the countries where Jews live. So, because of Dina dmalchuta dina, Jews cannot have more than one wife. Rabbenu Gershom imposed a ban on polygamy for ...
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Why didn't King Shlomo get lashes for marrying more than 18 wives?

It states in the 364th prohibition that a king is forbidden from having too many wives. The limit is that he may not have more than 18 wives legally bound by kesubah and kiddushin. The ...
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Concept of a zivug with multiple wives

From what I understand, a person has a zivug. Whether that means they will for sure marry them or whether it simply means there exists an “ideal” partner somewhere, how does this work when people of ...
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What sin(s) would be involved if a married man slept with another woman?

If a married Jewish man had an extramarital relationship with a woman who was not in the category of arayos or issurei biah, what, if any, sins would he have committed, and to what, if any, punishment ...
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Can you marry your Wife's Sister as a non "Rival Wife"?

When discussing polygamy with someone from Chinese culture, they mentioned how marrying sisters was considered a good idea as they were more likely to get along. This made me wonder about the ...
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Why is polygamy permissible on a Torah level?

As discussed here, polygamy is permissible on a Torah level, though not encouraged. As discussed in the latter question, Rabbeinu Gershom instituted his ban because It was instituted to prevent ...
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When and why did we get rid of polygamy?

When did having a pilegesh become unacceptable and why?
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Must a man seek 100 rabbis' permission again to take another "second" wife?

In certain cases, a man might receive a heter meah rabbanim (permission from 100 rabbis) to take a second wife. This may happen for a variety of reasons, but I understand that all of the cases involve ...
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King Solomon and Polygamy

Why did Shlomo Hamelech marry many wives? Being that women naturally want to be the "only one"--from the fact that co-wives would fight each other for the love of their husband as the Mishna (Avot 2:7)...
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Requirement to Divorce an Infertile Wife or Marry a Second Wife

In the Mishneh Torah הלכות אישות פרק טו, ב Rambam requires a man to who hasn't had a male and female child and whose wife has not given birth for ten years since their marriage to either take a second ...
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How was Ya'akov allowed to favor Yosef over Re'uven?

In Devarim 21:16 - 17 it states that the father cannot favor the son of the beloved wife over the older son of a hated wife. If we assume the notion that our forefathers performed all the mitzvot of ...
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Jacob's Dual Names and Wives

The third Patriarch's birth name was Jacob. He is given another name, Israel, in Genesis 32. Jacob had two primary wives; Leah and Rachel. I have heard the idea that the Rachel was the betrothed ...
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How common was polygamy in Biblical times?

How prevalent was polygamy among Jews in Biblical times? I can only think of five Jews in Tanach who had multiple wives: Avraham, Yaakov, Elkanah, David, and Shlomo (although I probably missed a few)....
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Jacob and the first born of the hated wife [duplicate]

In Ki Tetze we learn that If one has two wives and the firstborn is of the hated wife, he still gets the double portion. On this commandment, the commentary in the Artscroll Chumash notes that the ...
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Questions about Polygamy in Jewish Law and Culture

I've recently been studying polygamy (having more than 1 wife), and had a few cultural questions. Was polygamy accepted at the time of David and Solomon? Were there any laws about it? Was polygamy ...
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