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Questions tagged [pirsumei-nissa]

Questions regarding the Talmudic value of publicising a miracle.

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Is Pirsumei Nissa limited to a specific time?

I'm curious about the mitzvah of Pirsumei Nisa (publicizing the miracle), which is typically associated with Chanukkah and Purim. My question is: Can this mitzvah be fulfilled at any time of the year, ...
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How can I understand the idea that “Pirsumei nisa is as much to oneself as it is to others.”

The THE BENJAMIN AND ROSE BERGER TORAH TO-GO Chanukah 5782 p 14 contains an article from Rabbi Ezra Schwartz entitled “ Al Hanisim in Birkat Hamazon”. It says Tosafot, Shabbat 24a, s.v. Mahu, offer a ...
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Can one rotate the chanukiyah after lighting it?

Some chanukiyot have back-plates, like this one: When lighting such a chanukiyah in a window, it seems preferable to have the lights facing the street to maximize the publicity. (For the one in the ...
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Lighting after maariv in shul

At my shul, the first maariv minyan on Chanukah is after teitz hachocavim (5:15, in Eretz Yisroel). It takes a couple minutes until there are ten people, and when ten people arrived some members ...
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The Pach Shemen and the Sotah

I remember hearing during a shiur on Neiros Shabbos and Chanukah...shalom bayis/Shabbos trumping pirsumei nisah/Chanukah, etc. There was one source which said that the pach shemen was actually ...
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Lighting Hanukkah Candles Alone

If a person lived alone in an apartment, would it be okay to make the brakhot when lighting Hanukkah candles, even though there are no other members of the household to see the lights, and therefore ...
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Is "pirsumei nissa" (publicizing the Chanukah miracle) its own mitzvah?

Is "pirsumei nissa" incidental (a "byproduct") caused by the lighting of the Chanukah candles or is it a separate mitzvah? I ask this, because, the mitzvah of lighting candles is only in one's home. ...
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Why can't we light Channukah Candles in the Day

We are commanded to light Channukah candles at night, to usher in each day of the holiday, and, if my memory serves me, we may light as long as there are people outside who can see the candles (ad ...
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Why is "Pirsumei Nissa" (publicizing the miracle of Chanukah) so important?

There are 3 halachot that I have located that are related to the reason of Pirsumei Nissa - publicizing the miracle of Chanukah (Undoubtedly, there must be others: Chanukah candles must be lit in a ...
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Becoming Bar Mitzva on Chanuka

A boy becomes Bar Mitzva on one of the nights of Chanuka. If he lights the Menorah at the preferred time (appx 15-20 minutes after Shkia to the best of my knowledge) it is not Tzeis HaKochavim yet. ...
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