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Any Halachic problems with app publishing?

I'm currently in the process of developing a mobile app, that, be'h will have various Israel related feeds. I was wondering if there could be any Halachic issues with respect to including news feeds ...
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Is it ok to Text After Kriyat Shema al Hamita?

Is it okay to text after saying kriyat shema al hamita? You're not supposed to talk afterward, as it says: Tremble and sin not. Reflect in your hearts while on your beds, and be utterly silent. -...
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Is it permitted to listen to Prank phone calls

Prank phone calls very often transgress the prohibiton of "gneivat daat" misrepresenting and Onaat Devarim causing anguish (Mishpatei Hashalom page 89). Is it permitted as a listener to derive benefit ...
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How long after a Bris of his son can the Father make the bracha?

I'll pose the following scenario in order to ask this question. During the recent war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, a man was called up to duty. On one of the days that he was found in the South,...
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