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Is a contract over Chat/IM/SMS "written" or "oral"?

Halakhically, is a business transaction conducted over Chat/IM/SMS a "written" or "oral" contract? Chat is oral-style communication in a textual medium. Does the fact that it's actually written over-...
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How do you deal with huge numbers of calls from tzedaka organizations?

We get at least 20 calls per day that show up on the caller ID without a name and with either no phone number or a number with a New York metro area code. We usually don't bother answering such calls ...
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Amen on the Telephone

Can you answer amen to a Baracha that was made over the telephone?
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Jewish Android Apps [closed]

Does anyone have a suggestion of any jewish Android Apps such as a calendar (halachic times and dates), siddur, sefarim, kashrut/ ask a rabbi, learn Hebrew/Yiddish/ladino etc..., and jewish music apps?...
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Is it ok to Text After Kriyat Shema al Hamita?

Is it okay to text after saying kriyat shema al hamita? You're not supposed to talk afterward, as it says: Tremble and sin not. Reflect in your hearts while on your beds, and be utterly silent. -...
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Havdalah on Telephone

May one be yotzai listening to havdala over the telephone?
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Having fun with telemarketers

Growing up, we had a separate home phone line that was listed in the phonebook and had a distinctive ring. So we knew when someone was calling us who had gotten our number out of the phonebook. This ...
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Cell Phone Jammers in Halacha

I could not imagine cell phone jammers would be מותר, but perhaps my gut-feeling is wrong... Either way, I would be interested in knowing how they fit into halacha, and what the reasons behind ...
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Using a cell phone as a watch on Shabbos

I seem to recall learning that it is permissible to use a cell phone as a watch on Shabbos as long as the time is always displayed on the front and no buttons would need to be pressed in order to ...
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Any Halachic problems with app publishing?

I'm currently in the process of developing a mobile app, that, be'h will have various Israel related feeds. I was wondering if there could be any Halachic issues with respect to including news feeds ...
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Are robo-calls permitted?

A robo-call is an automated phone call that does not involve a human caller. The majority of these are uninvited solicitations (either for money or votes), and these are the ones I'm asking about. ...
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התראה by phone?

Can warning for a capital crime be accomplished by telephone? Hello? Are you aware that it is currently שבת where you are? Yes. I am aware of the punishment and prepared to do it anyway. Are ...
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Is one allowed to audio/ video record someone without their knowledge or consent?

In American law, when it comes to recording a telephone call, 38 states allow "one party consent" - namely, as long as one person is ok with recording the call (i.e., you) the other party doesn't ...
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Anonymous Shaila Lines [duplicate]

As in, a method of asking a halachic question to a qualified halachic expert Rabbi, anonymously. Is there a collection of verified, reputable "anonymous shaila lines", by country or city? If ...
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Sending/reading SMS on Shabbat [duplicate]

Recently a debate of usage of cellphones on Shabbat has come up, mainly about reading and sending text messages. I was wondering what the specific reasoning is behind not allowing it on Shabbat. Any ...
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