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What should a content person pray for?

There is a Jewish virtue, that one should be content with one's lot, and this leads to a feeling of wealth and happiness (see Avot 4:1). In my youth, I was a fan of a cartoon called Dragon Ball Z, ...
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Examples of "making a wish", the Torah way

I was recently thinking about the cultural concept of a "genie" who provides wishes (usually 3). There are generally two categories of wish in these stories: Someone tries to find 3 wishes ...
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Requests in the Amidah - hide and seek

The Amidah standing prayer is at the center of our tefillos. Every Amidah has three blessings of praise (שבח) at the beginning, and the blessings of thanks (הודאה) at the end. The weekday Amidah has ...
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Segula for marriage: saying Shir Hashirim 40 nights in a row?

When I was in yeshiva, someone told me of a segula for finding one's zivug is to say Shir Hashirim 40 nights in a row, at chatzot. Does anyone know of any mention of this segula anywhere?
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Why are we allowed to make unlimited prayer in any language at a time where we are not allowed to answer amen?

According to (at least) Rav Ovadiah Yosef (based on his understanding of Maran in Shulchan Aruch), one is not allowed to answer amen (except first 5 of Kaddish), baruch Hu u'varuch Shemo, or the ...
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Skipping requests on Shabbat and Yom Tov in davening

Related Why are some bakashot made on Shabbat? Before we get to Pesukei Dezimra, there are a variety of korbanot and related sections that we say as part of morning davening. In my Artscroll siddur, ...
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Do angels make requests of G-d?

Do angels make any requests of G-d besides praising and thanking Him?
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Why wouldn't this be a bracha levatala?

I attach a picture which contains a prayer that I was sent to say for success in exams. Apart from it having very little to do with exams, I thought this would a be a bracha levatala assuming you ...
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Davening for personal matters on Shabbos

Today we took out 3 Sifrei Torah because it was Shabbos, Rosh Chodesh, and Parshas HaChodesh. Although we open the Ark every Shabbos and that is always a time of Heavenly Mercy, the Sefer Heichalos ...
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Can personal requests be made during the mussaf of rosh hodesh or chol hamoed?

On a holiday it is forbidden to make a personal request. Does this same prohibition apply to the mussaf of rosh hodesh and hol hamoed when all the regular shemonah esrei bakashot are left out?
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