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Who created our parshios?

The division of the text of the Torah into psukim is delineated by trop (sof pasuk note), so I always thought that division is a tradition from Sinai. On the other hand, the division into chapters ...
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Simanim at the end of the Parshah

Does anyone have any coherent history of and/or source for the siman for the amount of pesukim in each parshah? (I’m sure it’s been asked here before, but I was unable to find anything while searching ...
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Why did Hashem want to save the garbage?

The following question was posed to me by my 10-year-old sister. First I laughed, then it made me think. As far as I've researched, no meforshim discuss this topic. Hashem commanded Noach to build the ...
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Why did שדים have to go into Noach's ark? [duplicate]

Do they take up physical space? Aren't they in the spiritual realm?
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The relationship of Adam and Chavah and what does it mean?

In Parshat B'reishis ch. 3 p. 20 Adam names Chavah. Here Rashi points out that Adam names her earlier and the reason for bringing up the name in this location. What I'm wondering though is about the ...
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why do we lein both rishon and sheini of ki savo on monday/thursday/shabbos mincha?

i would assume it is to be able to link the parshios of bikurim and vidui maaser due to their similarities, but would like to see a source inside for it. thanks!
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