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Questions tagged [onen]

Questions regarding an onen (אונן); that is, someone whose immediate relative has died but has not yet been buried.

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1 answer

Does one act as an Onen if he can't bury his dead for the foreseeable future?

This may be a duplicate, but if so I didn't see the original. Recently, unfortunately, this question has become very realistic: If there is someone who knows a close relative is dead but won't be able ...
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1 answer

Is someone halachically obligated if anesthetized? Comatose?

If someone slept in until 1pm, they should daven a double Amida at Mincha, to make up for the Shacharis that they were obligated, but missed. On the other hand, if someone was busy arranging for a ...
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3 votes
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Can one go from being an Aveil to being an Onein?

A person is an onein while taking care of arrangements for a burial, and, from what I have learned, if that person's work is finished and that person leaves the body or the body leaves the person for ...
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Obligation and being included in a minyan

According to this answer, if six men are davening and ten men are present, the six can recite Kaddish and Kedushah. The case discussed is if the other four are not obligated because they already ...
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