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The duty to enjoy the Sabbath day

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Responsibility for Shabbos expenses

There is a Gemara in :ביצה ט"ו which says that expenses for Shabbos are unlike all other expenses in that they are not included in the debits from one's net profit which were predetermined on ...
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Running on Shabbat when it is raining

The Tur in סימן ש"א writes: כתיב אם תשיב משבת רגליך ודרשו חז"ל שלא יהא הילוכך של שבת כהילוכך של חול ע"כ אין לו לאדם לרוץ בשבת כדרך שעושה בחול אבל אם רץ לדבר מצוה כגון לבהכ"נ ...
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What has priority, Kavod or Oneg Shabbat

Does Halacha have a preference for either Oneg Shabbat or Kavod Shabbat? For example, if a fancy suit would make a Jew uncomfortable (like during summer) that would be Kavod Shabbat but hurt Oneg ...
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Was there a group of Jews who would fast on Shabbat?

I heard from a friend with Russian Jewish ancestry that her ancestors used to fast for the rest of Shabbat after Shabbat dinner. All the research I’ve done has yielded what I already knew that Jews ...
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Shvus and oneg Shabbos: instruments and dancing

Introduction: Understanding shvus and oneg Shabbos Playing instruments/ clapping, dancing and banging The mishna (Beitza 36b) says one can’t play an instrument lest he come to fix it. Nor can he clap ...
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Minyan vs oneg shabbat

Suppose if one went to minyan on Friday night, they would get home late after their oven turned off (and they didn’t have a hot plate) and thus all the food would be lukewarm. Would it be better to ...
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Must one have intent that a specific food will fulfill the third meal for them?

Being that we don't have a Kiddush for Shaleshudes (Seudah Shlishit) is intent needed for one's eating to be counted for this or is simply eating enough? Does this change depending on the type of ...
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Is one allowed to study for a parsha test on Shabbat?

This question addresses whether one may read secular material on Shabbat. All the answers indicate that it is permissible to learn Torah on Shabbat. A common "Rebbe technique" used for years in ...
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Oneg Shabbos or Havadlah

If one only has a limited income and has a choice between Oneg Shabbos or Wine for Havadlah which goes first?
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Do we need to wear smart clothes on Shabbat?

The first siman in the Mishna Berura (MB) chelek 3 is about how to maintain the honour of Shabbat: דהיינו לקדשו ולכבדו בכסות נקיה ולענגו בעונג אכילה ושתיה ...To sanctify and honour [Shabbat] with ...
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Shabbos activities for kids

We have three children aged 11 (boy), 4 (girl) 2 (boy). We started keeping Shabbos a while ago and we realise that it gets hard for the kids at some point. I was wondering if you could suggest ...
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Are marital relations on Friday nights a "double mitzvah"?

An uncle of mine once told me that a rabbi told him that having marital relations on Friday nights is a "double mitzvah," presumably because one would be fulfilling both the obligation to have ...
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How can I make a long summer shabbat a delight?

Where I live, shabbat ends at nearly 10PM at the peak of summer, and I find it challenging to get to the end of that without starting to develop some negative feelings. I try to spend most of Shabbat ...
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