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Questions regarding which Melacha were permitted related to preparing food on Yom Tov

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Why allowed on Yom Tov?

According to the Torah, melacha isn't permitted on Yom Tov days except for what is needed for food. I read that certain laws, like carrying, don't apply on these days because they are loosened for ...
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Why are we allowed to light candles for second day yom tov if it is not ochel nefesh? [closed]

With these questions (1, 2) as partial background I still do not understand the permission to light candles, with a blessing, on the second day of Yom Tov if that lighting is not for ochel nefesh.
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Why does the Torah allow "tzorech ochel nefesh" on Yom Tov?

Are there any explanations as to why the Torah allows ochel nefesh on Yom Tov (in contrast with Shabbat)? It is indeed very practical, especially in chutz laaretz, on a two-day Yom Tov (or even on a ...
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Who decides what is ochel nefesh for Yom Tov?

Ochel nefesh supposedly refers to the permissibility during Yom Tov of doing melachos that "cause personal pleasure." "Personal"? Really? No, of course not; it's after all the rabbis who decide ...
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Are guide animals Ochel nefesh on Yom Tov

According to Halacha, certain forms of Melacha are permissible on Yom Tov for needs of the holiday, notably cooking and carrying. My question is, if someone lives outside a kosher Eruv and they’re ...
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Is ochel nefesh permissible when Yom Tov falls on Shabbat?

On Yom Tov, there are certain examples of melacha being permitted that would otherwise be prohibited, based on it being permissible for the holiday’s need. My question is, does the law permitting ...
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