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Looking for picture of "tzadikkim in sukkah"

I recently saw a noy-sukkah, it was a picture of many tzaddikim (chasidic rebbis and litvish gedolim) gathered around a table in a large sukkah, with the head of the table empty (I gather it's ...
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Noy sukkah in a pasul sukkah

The decorations of a sukkah are muktzeh and can't be moved on Yom Tov and this seems to include food items on which no other stipulation was made (which I get from Mas. Sukkah, 10a-b and here). But ...
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Can a grandson visit his grandfather grave during the Shiva?

And put a tombal decoration (like flowers, candles) on the grave? Or should he wait after the Shiva?
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Sukkos Gedolim Poster

A bit late to be asking but anyone know where to get this poster?:
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Holly Jolly Sukkos

An idol used by an idolater is assur b'hanaah (roughly, forbidden for use) and only loses that status if an idolater physically annuls it's "consecrated" status, e.g. by damaging it. Similarly, ...
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