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What changed in the later First Temple period that increased interaction with further kingdoms?

If you read the Book of Kings, the nations with which Israel (or later, Judah and Israel) was always either warring or allying themselves are basically its neighbors: Egypt, Lebanon ("Tyre"),...
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Tribe of Dan Spartans?

Northern Israel fell to Assyrians 740 BC. Sparta, Greece conquered at the approximate time. When Samson died the Tribe of Dan conquered people in Northern Israel naming the new city Dan. When the ...
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Israelite/Jewish flags

Does the Talmud or any other Jewish sources for that matter discuss and/or describe any flags that were associated with ancient Israelite/Jewish kingdoms?
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In the 2nd temple period would "the Samaritans" refer to the same group as "the lost sheep of the house of Israel"?

I have read various articles about Samaritans: However, I'm still not clear if Samaritans ...
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Did the wicked kings know how to learn?

The Gemara (Sanhedrin 102a) says Jeroboam I was almost as great as King David: וירבעם יצא מירושלים אמר ר' חנינא בר פפא שיצא מפיתקה של ירושלים (מלכים א יא, כט) וימצא אותו אחיה השילוני הנביא בדרך ...
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Do Chazal speak harshly of Sh'lomo for his high taxes?

As described in Ⅰ M'lachim 12 and Ⅱ Divre Hayamim 10, after Sh'lomo's passing, his son, R'chav'am, took the throne. The people immediately demanded a reprieve from Sh'lomo's extremely high ...
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Sanctuaries at Beis El and Dan

There is no indication that the Northern Tribes created anything other than a tent "mishkan" in Dan and Beis El, or that even the Samaritans built anything other than a mishkan at Gerizim as there was ...
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