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A general term for a non-Jew/gentile, usually used in referencing the 7 Laws of Noach

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Deuteronomy 31:12 - convert or a Noahide?

I am confused with Deuteronomy 31:12: "the foreigners residing in your towns" this refers to non-Israelites who are living among the Israelites. In Hebrew it's "gerim" (singular: &...
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Do noahides have a mitzvah to honor elders

According to Halacha, do noahides have any mitzvah to honor elders? Or no, even though it has Logical basis is it not applicable to them?
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Dream Catchers as a Native Noahide [closed]

I am Native, and I want to buy a dream catcher, but I'm afraid it'll be bad to have as a noahide. I don't believe it has mythical or magical stuff I just think it's pretty to have in my home. Should I ...
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Noahide reading Psalms

Can Noahides read Psalms? I've been told that some can't be read by non-Jews. If so, which ones? I don't want to end up reading it if it wasn't meant for me to read.
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Can Noahides have a prayer book?

I heard somewhere that Noahides are not supposed to have a prayer book while others say it's okay. I'm not sure if having a prayer book that isn't the Jewish siddur permissible?
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Where do the rabbis get the Noahide Law prohibiting the consumption of the meat from a living animal: "ever min hachai"?

At first, this may seem obvious. The source is Genesis 9:4 - "Only flesh with the life thereof, which is the blood thereof, shall ye not eat." Put in other words - "But you must not ...
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Directions for a Canaanite

Can a member of the Canaanites expect to be among the righteous? What must he do to stand in such a position?
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List of what noahides can’t observe

Is there a Sefer or article that gives a comprehensive list of what mitzvot noahides can and can not observe (beyond the basic understanding of the 7 laws) Furthermore, what voluntary mitzvot ...