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questions pertaining to the Torah's 365 negative commandments

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לאו הניתק לעשה Is this still a laa'v for which one needs atonement

Mishnah Makos 3(4) says: This is the principle: With regard to any prohibition that entails a command to arise and perform a mitzva, he is not liable to receive lashes for its violation. An example ...
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Why prohibitions and their corresponding punishments are separated in the Torah?

I was arguing with a Documentary Hypothesis supporter who claimed that we consistently find that Biblical prohibitions and their punishments are not written in one place. The Ten Commandments are a ...
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What are the permitted equivalents of what the Torah prohibits?

The Talmud says that for every thing God has forbidden, He has created an equivalent that is permitted. [Chullin 109b] It then gives a short list of such equivalents, such as marrying your neighbor's ...
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Under what mechanism is the Sotah's Megillah allowed to be erased?

Normally, it is an Issur Deorayta (Torah Prohibition) to erase Hashem's name - לא תעשון כן לה׳ א–לוקיכם. However, by the Sotah we do erase Hashem's name. Is this working using the methodology of עשה ...
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Why are abbreviations/omitted letters acceptable when naming the deity?

I am not Jewish, just curious. I understand that, by the the third of the Ten Commandments, “You shall not take His name in vain.” I also understand that followers of the Jewish religion should be ...
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Does 'thou shalt not steal' refer to general theft or specifically to kidnapping?

I admit that I sometimes just can't keep my fingers to myself. I felt thirsty so I took a refreshing ginger ale from my neighbour's freezer. I typed into Google 'thou shall not steal' after realizing ...
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Comprehensive list of punishments for all 365 negative commandments

Is there a comprehensive list of all the punishments for the 365 negative commandments? The Rambam in Hilchos Sanhedrin reveals 243 (see below)-- what are the punishments for transgressing the ...
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