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Should one make a bracha on seeing geological arches, hoodoos or balanced rocks?

I am considering visiting Arches National Park in Utah. This park has several "arch" rock formations and a few hoodoos and a balanced rock. Shulchan Aruch O.C. 228:1 states that one should make a ...
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Greys "Aliens" mentioned in Kabala?

I have heard and even read (in Rav Zamir Cohen's book The Coming Revolution) that the most well known Alien phenotype, the "Greys" (who have large heads, large dark eyes, slits for noses, and very ...
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Does the proclamation of the New Moon by Beis Din have an effect on nature?

I found in this celebratory volume, p 172 ( והנה הרא"ה בספר בדק הבית שלו הובא בש"ך יור"ד סי' קפ"ט סקי"ג הסכים עם קושיית הרמב"ן, ולפיכך כתב שיש ...
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Shooting Stars and Luck

There seems to be a non-Jewish association of good luck with seeing a shooting star. Is there any source for this in Judaism?
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Is there any order for brachot said on seeing natural phenomena simultaenously?

You are standing at a distance from a powerful storm. Simultaneously, you see lightning, a tornado and a rainbow. Each of these require a different bracha. Is there any order to which bracha you ...
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To what extent may Jews use natural resources

The tragedy of the commons is a concept that if you have a (generally natural) finite resource with everyone having access to it, it will eventually get overused. My question is, to what extent are ...
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Creation of natural order

Is the creation of time, gravity or other natural orders discussed in the Torah or rabbinic literature? I was thinking that bereishit could infer a beginning to time. Is this correct? If so are there ...
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