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How come that nobody could oppose to R' Gamliel in Halachah but could boot him promptly as the President?

I'm trying to understand the mechanics of the Jewish Presidency as presented in Berakhot.28a. In the story R"G asks if there is anybody who could object to him in a Halachic issue, and nobody ...
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Decrees against copying genealogies

In the 14th century, David ben Hodayah, who was called a 'nasi' and lived in Bagdad, issued out a certain cherem. Part of the text of the cherem included his genealogy and the genealogy of a ...
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Ideal time to say the Daily Nasi

It is the custom of some to say the Daily Nasi on the first 13 days of the month of Nissan. Is there any ideal time of day to day this?
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Should women recite the daily Nasi

Are women included in the custom to recite the Daily Nasi for the first 13 days of Nissan? Or no, since it is positive and time bound is it proper for them not to?
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