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Mushrooms for Mishloach Manos

Can one give Mushrooms for Mishloach Manos? Since you have to give real food and with mushrooms: 1 - You can't make an Erev Tnachmin with it. 2 - You buy it with money of Ma'aser Sheini. 3 - You ...
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Picking mushrooms on shabbos

Is one allowed to pick mushrooms from where they grew on shabbos? To provide some context: The Talmud (Berachos 40b) states that although mushrooms grow on the ground, the proper Beracha is ...
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What's the way to check a mushroom for worms

Is there a way, and if so, what's the best practice for checking a mushroom to verify it is clear of worms?
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Are psilocybin mushrooms permitted/prohibited/advocated in Jewish law or tradition?

What does Jewish law or tradition have to say about magic mushrooms? Or in general, about any hallucinogen. Is it forbidden to consume psilocybin mushrooms or other hallucinogens? Is it advocated? ...
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Mushrooms in a Vineyard

The bracha on a mushroom is "shehakol" because the Talmud (Berachot 40b) correctly (I think) states that mushrooms do not derive their nutrients from the ground. If a mushroom is growing in a ...
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In what way are mushrooms considered "non-nutritive"?

The Mishnah (Eruvin 26b) states that water and salt can't be used as the food for eruv chatzeiros or eruv techumin (thus Rashi; according to Tosafos only the latter). Rashi explains that this is ...
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What is the bracha for mushrooms?

What bracha do you make on mushrooms?
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