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If a Jew wears Tefillin before Alot HaShahar is it valid B’dieved

According to Halacha, if a Jew wears Tefillin before Alot HaShahar, is it valid B’dieved? Or does it not fill that day’s obligation at all even after the fact?
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Latest time for morning Sh’ma

What are the opinions for the absolute LATEST time for reciting the morning Sh’ma B’dieved, not l’chatchila. Obviously there are different opinions for what is the latest or not but what are they. ...
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Morning Netila without water

So this morning I didn’t have water available to use when I woke up for Netilat Yadayim? What should I have done? Also when I did get water available again, say past chatzos, should I have made netila ...
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Can you use water you drank from for negel vasar

What do the sources say about this case: someone drank from a water bottle - could they use the water remaining in the bottle for "negel wasser"? And does it make a difference if when you ...
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Is there a term for the morning equivalent of Bein Hashemashot? The time between Olot Hashachar and Netz

In English the term twilight can be used for either the day or night. In Halacha, I believe, Bein Hashemashot is only for the night. I want to find a word that describes specifically the morning's ...
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Is Pas Shacharis a Chiyuv or can I skip breakfast?

Is the mitzvah of paas shachris a chiyuv or is it halachically permissable for someone to not eat breakfast every morning? If it is a chiyuv what is the best way and also what is the simplest way to ...
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Source for Modeh Ani

What is the earliest source that says that one should recite the short prayer of thanks known as "modeh ani" when one gets up in the morning?
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Insomnia and Modeh Ani [duplicate]

I am wondering what is done in the case of people who have insomnia. I usually sleep about 4 hours a night and I wake during those hours maybe 5 or 6 times. I got into the habit of saying Modeh ani ...
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What prayers might be permissible or not permissible to pray before dawn?

I have a question that is similar to this one, but a little different. Like many people, I have a job that I currently have to be at (with location and time of year factored in) at around dawn. Hence, ...
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The Zohar on Morning

I read in The Wisdom In The Hebrew Alphabet on page 226, the following: The Zohar describes קרדנותא דצפרא, the deep darkness from which daylight emanates. For this reason, the word for שחר, morning, ...
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השלכת אחרי גאיך morning activities before prayers

Assuming one wakes up after נץ החמה (so individual prayer vs communal isn't an issue) but significantly BEFORE your community prays: What activities may one engage in or, conversely, What may one ...
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Arvit/Maariv "after" Birkot HaShachar?

Generally one prays Arvit before Chatzot HaLayla; Also, one can say Birkot HaShachar as soon as right after Chatzot HaLayla (as far as I understand). I came across a "logical hole" that I can't find ...
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Saying Hamapil after Alos Hashachar

If one was up all night and went to sleep after Alos Hashachar does one still say Hamapil?
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What is Pas Shacharis

The Shulchan Aruch (155:2) writes that after the morning prayers, one should make a point to eat Pas Shacharis "Morning bread". Does anyone have a mekoros that discuss what makes up pas schacharis? is ...
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Modeh Ani - When to say the blessing

When is the proper time to say the Modeh Ani blessing? Sometimes people wake up at 4 or 5 am to use the bathroom and then go back to sleep. Is it correct to say the blessing only when waking up for ...
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Is there really evidence that the Rabbis changed the day's beginning from sunrise to sunset? [closed]

The writing of the two Rabbis quoted below state that the Rabbis changed the start of the day from sunrise to sunset. Rabbi Drazin wrote that "we know for certain that the day began in the Temple ...
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