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When did Sichon's Battle with the Moabites Take Place?

So the Jews fought Sichon in their last year or so in the desert; Bamidbar 21:26 then tells us that the territory they took "had belonged to Moab, but Sichon battled a previous [or "the ...
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How many Jews sinned with the Moabite girls and Ba'al Peor?

The Passuk (Bamidbar 25:9) tells us that 24,000 Jews died in the plague following the sin of the Moabite girls and Ba'al Pe'or. Is that the total sum of Jews that sinned or were there more? I had ...
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Did Balak know Gd told Jewish people he wouldn't destroy Moav

Did Balak know that Gd told the Jewish people that he wasn't going to attack Moav? If so, please support your answer.
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Why is a Moaviyah acceptable to marry?

The pasuk (Dev 23:4) says that a Moavi and Amoni cannot marry into the Jewish people. The stated reasons are that they did not provide bread and water (as mentioned in Dev 23) and "he" hired Bil'am. ...
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How does Judaism reconcile the prohibition against Moabites/Ammonites joining the congreration and their royal lineage?

Wikipedia says that Naamah, wife of Solomon, was an Ammonite. That is the mom of Rehabeam. King of Judah. Ruth is a Moabite. That is one ancestor of David. Okay, so Jews have these prohibition ...
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Moav or Midian - who seduced the Jews at Shitim?

Who were the women seducers in Shitim who caused the Jewish people to stray after their gods (Baal Peor), discussed in Parshas Balak and Pinchas? On the one hand, it seems like the women came from ...
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What did Bnei Ammon do?

In Parshat Ki Teitzei there's the mitzvah that Bnei Ammon cannot marry into the Jewish people. Same is true for Bnei Moav. The verse says it's because they didn't greet the Jews with bread and water. ...
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Why was Mesha king of Moav successful?

King Mesha of Moab fought against the kings of Yisrael, Yehuda and Edom (2 Melachim chapter 3). The navi Elisha prophecies, under oath, that the Jews will be successful. However at the end of the ...
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