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Yiddish in chassidish versus in yeshivish culture [closed]

If I understand correctly, both Litvaks and Chassidic people emphasized speaking Yiddish at home before WW2. What changed? In today's age, why is Yiddish the primary language for Chassidim and not for ...
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Identifying the author Toras Yekusiel

I recently came across this teaching: [in footnote Aleph.] To summarize: during the time when the Vilna Gaon made his cherem ...
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Looking for info about the issur to marry chassidim

In the early days of the "war" between the misnagdim and the chassidim, some of the leading Rabbis of the misnagdim made some sort of public cherem forbidding marriage to chassidim. Are there any ...
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Chassidic Statement Supporting Misnagdim

I heard from my Rabbi that there was a Chassidic rebbe (possibly Lubavitch) who said that if not for the Misnagdim the Chassidim would've gone off the derech/ not remained within orthodoxy. Does ...
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Looking for a text by Yosef Perl (a parodist of Rebbe Nachman)

Yosef Perl was a satirist, and is often described as a maskil. A vigorous opponent of hasidim in particular, he was active in the middle of the 19th century when the stories of Rebbe Nachman and ...
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Are there any misnaged works?

Recently I have been reading the Tanya so that I can discuss Chabad Chassidus with my friend. I think it's only fair to see what the other side has to say, so is there any work that the mitnagdim ...
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Who are the mitnagdim of today?

When the Chassidut began, there was oppositions from other Jews who thought they are heretics (due to Chassidic's heavy reliance on Kabbalistic interpretations of the Torah), and one of the Jews who ...
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Did "Litvish" frock coats button left-on-right?

My understanding is that today, most men's clothing buttons left-on-right, i.e. the buttons are on your right. A Hassidic kapote or bekkeshe reverses this, but if you order a "Litvish" ("Lithuanian", ...
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Does the cherem that the Vilna Gaon put on certain sectors of Chassidus still apply?

It is known that the Vilna Gaon put 2 sectors of Chassidus in Cherem. I am wondering who has permitted them now seeing as we non-Chassidim don't make borders between them and ourselves.
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