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Experience Learning in the Mir Yeshiva

Is anyone on this platform a Talmid or Alumnus of the Mir Yeshiva in Jerusalem (and learns/learned under R'Asher Arieli)? If so, I have a few questions: It seems very much like there is no structure ...
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Yeshiva Mir Mesechtas

What is the Mir Yeshiva’s (Yerushalayim) cycle of mesechtas? What are they learning for next zman? Does the Mir Yeshiva in Brooklyn follow the same cycle?
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Source for a story about the Mir Yeshiva on the train to Shanghai?

I remember hearing a story told by R' Hershel Schachter about the Mir Yeshiva's journey to Shanghai, that took place on the train ride from Eastern Europe to Shanghai. The gist of the story is that ...
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Mir smicha qualifications

Rabbi Finkel from Mir would give Smicha as follows. He would randomnly take out one of the volumes of Shulchan Aruch (any section)and randomly open the page - and show it to the testee. He would then ...
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Mir Yeshiva and the Dateline

For a short while, the Mir Yeshiva was relocated to Kobe Japan at the outbreak of the Second World War. Since Japan is in question with the International Dateline how did the Rosh Yeshiva Pasken for ...
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Rav Nissan Kaplan - biography

Rav Nissan Kaplan is one of the Rashei Yeshiva at the Mir in Jerusalem, teaches English-speaking students in Walmark (וולמארק), which is one of the two batei midrash in the Bet Yeshaya building, ...
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History of the Mir Yeshiva

Can anybody recommend a good history of the Mir Yeshiva - specifically until the outbreak of World War II, but ideally even inclusive of the war years? Shaul Stampfer has an excellent history of ...
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