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Vizhnitzer Rebbe's Prayer for Israeli Soldiers

On the first Shabboth following the Simhhat Torah Massacre, the Vizhnitzer Rebbe, R. Yisrael Hager recited a special prayer for the soldiers in the IDF. It was not the commonly recited Mi Sheberakh ...
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Why did the Tos'fos Yom Tov compose his Mi Sheberach?

It is well known that R. Yom Tov Heller, author of the Tos'fos Yom Tov and other works, wrote a prayer to be recited for the benefit of those who don't speak in the synagogue (or: during prayer). I'm ...
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Can a non-jew submit names for Mi Sheberach?

Can a non-jew submit names for Mi Sheberach (either Jews or non-Jews)? On shabbat during the Torah reading?
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