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Did King David and his men living among the Philistines transition Israel into the iron age?

Apparently, during the reign of Saul, Israel was not yet in its iron age. See passage below, but Israel seems to be in the iron age during King David's reign. Did David's men learn how to work with ...
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For schecting, can a blade made of non rusting and non pitting metal, namely tungsten, substitute for steel? [duplicate]

To make it easier to schect,could we choose a metal not normally subject to rusting or a need to sharpen? Tungsten is one of the hardest and nonreactive metals that exist.
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Meaning of Sotah 48b - '...irons chariots ceased...'

Sotah 48b states as follows: 'Rabbi Ami says: From the time when the First Temple was destroyed, shiny [peranda] silk [shira] and white glass ceased to exist. This is also taught in a baraita: From ...
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The Shamir vs Bronze/Flint tools

We are told that "there was neither hammer nor axe nor any tool of iron heard in the house, while it was in building" The go-to explanations tend to be fantastical things like use of the ...
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Why does the Torah explicitly endorse the use of lead, a carcinogenic metal, in regards to Tevilah?

In Parshas מטות, the Torah describes 6 different metals which require Tevilah (Bamidbar 31:22), one of them being lead. (Gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, & lead.) It is learned out that all metals ...
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Metal Created to Kill?

Rashi at the end of Yisro (Shemos 20:23) quotes the Mechilta/Mishna in Middos (3:4) which says הַבַּרְזֶל נִבְרָא לְקַצֵּר יָמָיו שֶׁל אָדָם, וְהַמִּזְבֵּחַ נִבְרָא לְהַאֲרִיךְ יָמָיו שֶׁל אָדָם, ...
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Cleaning a Talis together with silver Atora [closed]

Can I wash my heavy wool talis together with the silver Atora,what happens if I won’t remove the Atora? I will appreciate if anyone can assist me,thank you!
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Copper mining in ancient Israel

The Torah promises [successful] copper mining in Israel's mountains: אֶרֶץ אֲשֶׁר ... וּמֵהֲרָרֶיהָ תַּחְצֹב נְחֹשֶׁת׃ a land ... from whose hills you can mine copper. (Deut 8.9) I tried to ...
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Why do unfinished wooden utensils have a different law than unfinished metal utensils?

In Keilim 12:8, we see that unfinished wooden utensils with a receptacle are susceptible to tumah, except those woods whose properties make the utensil unusable. ‮... כל גולמי כלי עץ טמאין, חוץ משל ...
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Supporting schach on a sukkah

I understand that it is preferable to support schach with materials that would themselves constitute schach. I cannot find any information on whether it is permissible to use metal screws/nails to, ...
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How do I build a cheap metal pole sukkah?

Trying to build a metal pole sukkah... I was wondering if anyone had experience building one from scratch using stuff from a local Lowes or Home Depot. I was going to use PVC piping but that sways and ...
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Metal on Foods at Time of Tekufa

The Kitzur writes (33:8) that at the time of the tekufa, one should place a piece of metal on all non-cooked, non-pickled, or non-salted, food and drink. I know that this is not followed nowadays, but ...
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Can one kasher anodized metal?

Anodized metal is metal with an increase in the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of metal parts. Is there any issue kashering it, or is it basically like metal with a layer of rust ...
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Metal Kulmus for Sifrei Kodesh?

I was just looking at the Keset haSofer and came across an interesting halacha ואין נוהגין כן אלא כותבין בנוצה ואפי׳ בקולמס של ברזל This is to say that we may write with a metal kulmus * (pen for ...
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What kinds of metals need immersion in a mikvah?

Metal (and glass) utensils used for food require immersion in a mikvah. What counts as a metal for this purpose? Note that there is no universally accepted scientific definition of a metal.
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A metal frame above a sukkah

I have a small courtyard that I hope to make into a Sukkah. 1/3 of the courtyard is covered with a metal frame that is made up of a grid of metal pieces about 1cm thick - each spaced about 1/2 ...
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Sechach supported partially by metal

For those who are careful to only support their sechach on sechach-eligible materials, how much does it matter if a small amount of the sechach inadvertently rests on non-sechach-eligible materials? ...
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