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Candelabrum lit in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem

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Source for not referring to Chanuka lights as a "menora"

Following up on this question about the use of the words "menora" or "chanukiya" to refer to Chanuka lights: I find it interesting that the use of "chanukiya," popularized in 1897 through a secular ...
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ki tisa: menorah versus menorah ha'tehorah

In parashat Ki Tisa two similar passages are written regarding the Ohel Mo'ed (Tent of Meeting). In the first (Shemot 30:27) Moshe Rabbenu is ordered to anoint the kelim with the shemen mischat-kodesh,...
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Is the Arch of Titus mentioned by Chazal?

Is there any mention in Rabbinic sources (whether by the Tanaim, Amoraim, Rishonim, Achronim) about the Arch of Titus?
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Do the words menorah and Torah have the same root in Hebrew?

I'm studying the parashat Behaaloscha, the part where Aharon kindle de Menorah. I read that the meaning of Menorah has to do with 'Tora Study. I'm from Brazil where we speak Portuguese and the words ...
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Midrash Pertaining to the Rekindling of the Menorah Commemorated by Chanukah

The predominant traditional explanation for the eight days of Chanukah is the miracle of the oil: there was only enough pure oil to keep the Menorah fueled for a single day but it miraculously lasted ...
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The Rambam' s drawing of the menorah

There is a famous drawing of the menorah by the Rambam in his peirush mishnayos (commentary to the Mishna); this is what it looks like: However in the Rambam's commentary as printed in my gemara (...
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Is there any non-political reason not to light the menorah?

The reasons I've seen given not to bring korbanos today include: Danger We are all tamei Kohanim don't have proof of their lineage We don't know the exact spot where the mizbeach is supposed to be ...
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Menorah a way to wipe out Amalek and tool which helps us not to 'cool off'?

This year one will read the Torah portion of Tetzaveh and the special designated Torah reading for the Shabbat prior to Purim, known as Shabbat Zachor, together. Rabbeinu Yehuda Aryeh DiModina (Yid ...
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What is the source for placing two menorot at the front of the shul, one on either side of the Aron?

Many shuls have menorot at the front of the shul on either side of the aron. I understand that basically this is a zecher l'mikdash. However, is there a source for the minhag to place specifically two ...
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