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Women wearing men's "women's shirts"

Some chassidic shirts are basically identical to women's dress shirts, save for the bust shape, i.e. they button right-over-left. Would a female wearing the former be transgressing the prohibition on ...
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Can members of Hatzolah learn how to deliver a baby?

This seems like a very simple thing. Is there anything wrong with male members of Hatzolah (a frum Jewish emergency medical organization) learning how to deliver a baby? I recently heard that Rabbonim ...
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Sources on adultery for a man

I haven't heard much discussion on adultery for a man. It seems the focus is on adultery of a woman, since she can't have more than one husband. A man however can have more than one wife. As well, ...
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Strictly speaking hilchos tznius for a man

Strictly speaking when going to play basketball, what must a man wear in regards to covering his body, I am asking because as I had learned a man has to cover from his breastbone to and including his ...
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Male equivalent to

Are there any Ask-a-Rabbi websites that are geared specifically towards questions regarding Taharas Hamishpachah (i.e. marriage, sexuality, and men's health), parallel to, from which I ...
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Why was the Israelite section in the Beis Hamikdash so small?

The size of the Ezras Israel (where male Israelites are allowed) is 11 Ammos (cubits) long while the Ezras Nashim is so big (135x135 cubits). Yet, it was the men who had to be Oleh Regel (when the "...
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When does "The House of Somebody" mean "The Women"?

When God gives the Torah to the Jews, He uses the following preamble (Ex 19:3): וּמֹשֶׁה עָלָה, אֶל-הָאֱלֹקים; וַיִּקְרָא אֵלָיו ה', מִן-הָהָר לֵאמֹר, כֹּה תֹאמַר לְבֵית יַעֲקֹב, וְתַגֵּיד לִבְנֵי ...
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Cologne for men?

The Gemara brochois 43b and rambam daiot 5.9 quoted below writes that a Talmid Chacham should not wear cologne (a scent). Does this apply nowadays? I've personally smelled a Rosh Yeshiva's strong ...
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Wearing a birthstone or simply a gemstone as a man

Is a birthstone or any gemstone for that matter kosher for a man to wear (e.g: around the neck) according to the Rabbis or is it prohibited as 'You shall not wear a woman's garment as that is a ...
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Kaddish: Men Before Women

Someone recently told me the Chida writes someone saying kaddish for a father has precedence before someone saying kaddish for a mother. Where is this Chida and what is the reasoning?
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