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Aryeh Kaplan and Talmud memorization

Aryeh Kaplan’s Jewish Meditation, page 27: I recall that when I was in yeshivah, a few friends and I decided to have a contest to see who could memorize the most pages of Talmud. For me, it was an ...
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Mezuzah - Copying from memory

The gemara Menachos 32b says that even though a Sefer Torah may not be written except "מן הכתב", copied from another text, tefillin and mezuzah don't have that requirement and may be written ...
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The forgetful Shomer

With regards to some of the mitzvos(shema,sefirah,Chanukah lighting) one cannot sit down to a set meal until he completes the mitzvah once a certain time comes (30 min before shekiah or tzeis -its a ...
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How can one make repentance for things he can't remember?

Say an unmarried Baal Teshuvah at the age of 30 decided to make repentance. A lot of time has gone by and he doesn't remember who he cheated, lied to, stole from, spoke loshen hara about, and so on. ...
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Does Ata Chonantanu count if one didn't have requisite Kavana in the Amida?

According to Rambam in Hilchot Tefilla 4:15, if one does not have Kavanat HaLev for the Amida, the recitation of words does not comprise Tefilla. Tefilla is defined by "standing in the presence of ...
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Going through a window -- causes to forget?

Someone told me today that they heard that going through a window to get from one place to another (from one room to another or from outside to inside or vice versa) is one of the things that causes a ...
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Recover Forgotten Torah

The Gemara Niddah (30b) says that a fetus learns its entire Torah while in the womb but then the angel hits it on the mouth to forget everything it learned. ומלמדין אותו כל התורה כולה שנאמר (משלי ד ד)...
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How did the Tannaim/Amoraim learn Tanach?

Where the question is coming from: An absolute essential requirement for any Tanna/Amora would be to have the whole of Tanach at their fingertips. Maybe not photographically memorized, but they should ...
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Is speaking ill of the dead permitted if you are expressing the act as a means of educating someone of a mistake?

In Judaism, there is the established rule of not speaking ill of the dead. It's a forbidden act. According to the Kitzur Shulchan Aruch, if one insulted someone who died, he should ask forgiveness ...
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Mnemonic for the names of all parshiot?

Is there a mnemonic device (like an acronym, acrostic, notarikon, poem etc) to remember the Hebrew names of all the parshiot in the order they appear?
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Does one forgetting swallow another? Forgot if one davened during first 30 days after Pesach

In a general situation if someone forgot if they davened shacharit or mincha on a regular week day, they should do a Tefilla Nedava to make up for it1 (based on a Korban Nedava). If someone (e.g. a ...
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