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Method for practicing Torah reading

What is your method for practicing reading a Torah portion and thus memorizing the associated vowelizations and intonations? I'm looking for ideas for maximizing your effectiveness at performing a ...
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How does one improve memory?

Does Judaism provide and tips, tricks or rituals for improving memory or preventing forgetfulness?
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How could Rebbi Zeira forcibly forget his learning?

In Bava Metzia 85a it says that ר' זירא כי סליק לארעא דישראל יתיב מאה תעניתא דלשתכח גמרא בבלאה מיניה Rebbi Zeira, when he left to the land of Israel, fasted 100 times to cause himself to forget ...
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Memory techniques for torah?

What are some good mnemonics for remembering Talmud and Mishna? The Talmud refers to it as making simanim for what you learn.
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I forget his name. Now what?

If someone was given the name of a sick person to daven for them, and when they get to refa'enu (blessing for healing) they can only remember the person's name but not their mother's name, how should ...
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What does it mean that God "remembers" something?

In verses such as Noach 8:1 ("And God remembered Noah and all the beasts and all the cattle that were with him in the ark, and God caused a spirit to pass over the earth, and the waters subsided"), ...
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Why did R. Zera want to forget the Talmud Bavli?

I read that R. Zera fasted one hundred days to forget the Babylonian Talmud before he left Babylon to live in the Land of Israel. Why would he do this when I've understood that the Babylonian Talmud ...
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Reviewing studies 40 times or 101 times?

The Gemara in Pesachim 72a says, "One, who reviews a subject 40 times, is guaranteed it will be rooted in his memory as if it were placed in his pocket." However, the Mishnah Berurah 114:41 says, "...
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Teshuva where Rambam says he forgot a Gemara

I once heard that there was at least one case in which various Acharonim offered complex explanations to explain how the Rambam did not contradict certain Gemaras, and subsequently there were responsa ...
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Why does 'sharpening' depend on effort, and memorization on divine assistance?

The Bavli, M'gila 6 amud 2: ואמר ר׳ יצחק אם יאמר לך אדם יגעתי ולא מצאתי אל תאמן לא יגעתי ומצאתי אל תאמן יגעתי ומצאתי תאמן הני מילי בדברי תורה אבל במשא ומתן סייעתא הוא מן שמיא ולדברי תורה לא אמרן ...
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How can one make repentance for things he can't remember?

Say an unmarried Baal Teshuvah at the age of 30 decided to make repentance. A lot of time has gone by and he doesn't remember who he cheated, lied to, stole from, spoke loshen hara about, and so on. ...
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Have to repeat shmoneh esrei on motze'i Shabbat. Say "ata chonantanu" again?

Suppose on a Saturday night, someone says shmoneh esrei with "ata chonantanu" but forgets another part that requires repeating shmoneh esrei (like ya'aleh v'yavo on chol hamoed). When he repeats ...
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Are there any sources for types of learning to memorize?

I am interesting in working on memorizing something - anything that I can have with me in my head that I can review at random times throughout the day. In terms of the “what” to memorize, I am curious ...
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What happens in Gehinnom?

The Rambam said: Gehinnom, however, is the name for the pain and the punishment that will come to the evildoers [after they die], but the Talmud did not give a [definitive] description of this ...
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Is eating olives daily OK?

Is there an issue [transgressing the Mishna Avos (Avos 3:8) of causing oneself to forget his learning] to eat olives seeing that Horayos (13b) writes olives eaten frequently will cause one to forget ...
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