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Does remembering the deceased benefit them?

Q in short: I can think of ways in which remembering those who have died benefits us (e.g. reminds us that our time here is limited). And of course, the common לעילוי נשמת of doing (or causing) a ...
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Reading tehillim for a gentile

A Jewish man wants to say tehillim for his messianic mother who died recently. The guy is a convert. Is it allowed? What else could be done le'ilui Nishmat?
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Lighting Menorah in remembrance of our dear Jewish friend

We lost someone whom we loved dearly and we are also honoring the family's way of grieving. However, we'd like to light the Menorah we recently purchased in his memory this Dec 2nd. With much respect ...
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What do our Rabbis say about wearing a poppy in the button-hole on Armistice Day?

The British Legion appeals for funds (called the Poppy Appeal) around Armistice Day (11 November) each year. People donate to the activities of the Legion and are given a paper/plastic poppy to wear. ...
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Dedications and Their Expected Life-Span

Several years ago I was doing an observation in a private secular pre-school. The school is housed in the former Talmud Torah building still owned by the synagogue immediately next door. (The student ...
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