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Per the Rambam, Is Meilah/trespass/misuse a Chok or Mishpat?

I suggest that per the Rambam it's a Mishpat. The Rambam in Laws of Meilah 8:8 states: רָאוּי לָאָדָם לְהִתְבּוֹנֵן בְּמִשְׁפְּטֵי הַתּוֹרָה הַקְּדוֹשָׁה וְלֵידַע סוֹף עִנְיָנָם כְּפִי כֹּחוֹ. ...
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Can shliach sue for reimbursement when he becomes liable for me'ilah?

When gizbar (temple treasurer) sends a shliach (agent) with hekdesh (consecrated) money (to buy something mundane) and then recalls that the money is hekdesh (and thus cannot be used for mundane ...
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Is it permissible to own safek Hekdesh today and use it for mitzvot?

It is generally agreed upon that Tyrian Half-Shekels were the only acceptable coins to pay the Half-Shekel in the times of the Second Beit HaMekdash and they were almost exclusively used in Judea. ...
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Is there מעילה on the para aduma and mei chatas? Was the para aduma hekdesh?

Is there meila on the para aduma and mei chatas and is it debatable if the entire avoda and tahara of the para aduma was a function of hekdesh? Is it possible that it's simply a communal process that ...
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