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The washing of the hands after a meal prior to reciting Grace After Meals.

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Touching food after washing mayim acharonim

After one washes mayim acharonim, is it permissible to touch food? This can happen frequently because the table may be dirty and one may want to brush it off before putting down a bentcher. According ...
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Unintentional mayim acharonim

According to those positions that maintain that one ought minimize the amount of water used for mayim acharonim: Is it possible to wash for mayim acharonim unintentionally? For clarity, here are ...
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Ruach Raah by Mayim Achronim

If one looks at the sources for Mayim achronim (Chullin 106,and SA 181) one will note that ruach raah is only mentioned in context with regards to pouring the water on the earth,but never discusses ...
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How does one dispose of broken mayim achronim cups?

How do you dispose of broken mayim achronim cups? Mine was plastic and it fell and broke and cannot be fixed. Thanks!
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Mayim Achronim at The Pesach Seder

Why in the Order of the Seder (that is Kadesh urchatz…) do we not include Mayim Achronim while we do we include the regular washing and the washing before dipping the vegetable into saltwater when all ...
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Mayim acharonim minimum

Do the little mayim acharonim cups which barely sprinkle enough water for three people have any source in halacha, other than what the Mishnah Berurah (181:10) is upset about? Although using the ...
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What exactly is "the salt of sodom"?

One is obligated to wash one's hands after a meal due to danger of "sodom salt" which is said to cause blindness. R. Judah the son of R. Hiyya said: Why did [the Rabbis] say that it was a ...
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Can you abandon a personal chumra if it was based on a misunderstanding of the mitzvah?

If you established a neder and/or chazaka to do some mitzvah a certain way (i.e., by doing it that way three times in a row), but this was based on a misunderstanding--such as thinking the chumra was ...
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Is it necessary to cover the mayim acharonim remains?

I have observed in many locations that after everyone is done washing mayim achronim from the source cup into the garbage cup, the garbage cup is covered with a plate or what have you. Is this step ...
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Why don't we wash mayim acharonim on non bread meals? [duplicate]

The mishna berurah says that the reason for mayim acharonim is that we are worried about Sodom Salt (even if today's salt is not Sodom Salt, some of it might still be mixed in). He also says that ...
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Is Mayim Achronim required before Al Hamichya?

As the title asks: is it required or recommended before Al Hamichya (or for that matter, borei nefashos as well). And if yes or no, why or why not?
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