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Matrilineal Descent

I have heard that matrilineal descent (i.e. having Judaism passed down through the mother) comes from the Roman period when women were raped by Roman soldiers and the babies were then said to be ...
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My great great grandmother was Jewish - am I? [duplicate]

I've discovered that my great, great grandmother was Jewish - i.e. my mother's mother's mother's mother. She converted to Catholicism upon marriage. Are matrilineal descendants of a Jewess who ...
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Matrilineal descent & Zera Israel

Would someone with Jewish heritage from a distant foremother on their maternal grandfather's side be considered Zera Yisrael? In other words, does the person fit the definition of Zera Yisrael since ...
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How far must one be able to trace one's Jewish lineage?

I have heard some talk to the effect that as long as an American Jew can trace his/her maternal lineage back to prewar Europe, he/she can be assumed to be Jewish. Is this true? I assume there must ...
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Do you have to believe that someone is Jewish?

If you are told by another person, that Mr. 'X' is Jewish do you have to believe it, even if nothing Mr. 'X' does shows any indication that he is Jewish? Do you have to treat Mr. 'X' as a Jew? Would ...
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How does a giyur lchumra differ from a regular conversion? [duplicate]

I may be Jewish by matrilineal descent - my great, great, great grandmother was Jewish and was buried in a Jewish cemetery. Subsequent generations of my family were Catholic. I understand that if the ...
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