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Why do we follow matrilineal descent of Judaism when there's evidence to suggest that it used to be patrilineal? How to resolve the contradiction?

According to the contemporary scholarship, even though modern Orthodox Judaism follows matrilineal descent, there is evidence to suggest that this was a shift that occurred during the second century, ...
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Who was Abraham’s Mother?

I was wondering if we have any info/ sources on who Abrahams’s mother was? It seems interesting that she was never mentioned, and doesn’t play any role in his story, or his leaving his “father’s house”...
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Should a half Jewish man be discouraged from marrying a Jewess?

Is there any source in encouraging a man who identifies as Jewish but isn't so Halachically, to marry a Jewish woman and raise a Jewish family? For instance, a patrilineal Jew although he isn't ...
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In religious tradition, is there a common matrilineal ancestor of the 12 tribes of Israel?

Does religious tradition hold that the 12 tribes of Israel share a common matrilineal ancestor, and if so who was she? The tradition is that each tribe was descended from one of the 12 sons of Jacob, ...
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If my maternal grandmother's maternal grandmother was Jewish, does that mean I'm technically Jewish? [duplicate]

My family is from the Netherlands and my grandmother was always aware that her grandmother was Jewish but she did not mention it to the family until recently, mainly because of hangover trauma from ...
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Is Judaism really based on matrilinial descent?

Sarah is NOT the mother of Rebecca; Rebecca is NOT the mother of Leah or Rachel; Leah is Not the mother of Judah's Canaanite wife and Rachel is NOT the mother of Joseph's Egyptian wife. There is Not ...
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How far must one be able to trace one's Jewish lineage?

I have heard some talk to the effect that as long as an American Jew can trace his/her maternal lineage back to prewar Europe, he/she can be assumed to be Jewish. Is this true? I assume there must ...
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Can an unknown Reform Jew be counted for a minyan?

Orthodox Judaism treats someone as a Jew if their mother is Jewish, or they underwent an Orthodox conversion. Reform Judaism will count someone as Jewish even if their only connection is through their ...
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Do you have to believe that someone is Jewish?

If you are told by another person, that Mr. 'X' is Jewish do you have to believe it, even if nothing Mr. 'X' does shows any indication that he is Jewish? Do you have to treat Mr. 'X' as a Jew? Would ...
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Is someone Jewish if descended from a long period of non-observant Jewish ancestry? [duplicate]

If someone has verifiably non-observant or non-Jewish ancestry(their mother and her mother etc for several generations were practicing Christians) but a DNA test shows matrilineal jewish DNA, are they ...
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My great great grandmother was Jewish - am I? [duplicate]

I've discovered that my great, great grandmother was Jewish - i.e. my mother's mother's mother's mother. She converted to Catholicism upon marriage. Are matrilineal descendants of a Jewess who ...
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How does a giyur lchumra differ from a regular conversion? [duplicate]

I may be Jewish by matrilineal descent - my great, great, great grandmother was Jewish and was buried in a Jewish cemetery. Subsequent generations of my family were Catholic. I understand that if the ...
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Ezra claimed that Samaritans are not Jews. Is genetic data in conflict with this?

Ezra claimed that those who live on Israel are totally different people that happen to worship the same God. He probably didn't know for sure because he was in Babylon during their birth. I wonder ...
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Can a convert to Judaism have a Jewish mother?

The Mishna, Bikkurim 1:4, speaks of converts to Judaism who bring their first fruits to the temple, or who pray within a synagogue: אלו מביאין ולא קורין הגר מביא ואינו קורא שאינו יכול לומר אשר נשבע ...
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Matrilineal descent & Zera Israel

Would someone with Jewish heritage from a distant foremother on their maternal grandfather's side be considered Zera Yisrael? In other words, does the person fit the definition of Zera Yisrael since ...
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Matrilineal Descent

I have heard that matrilineal descent (i.e. having Judaism passed down through the mother) comes from the Roman period when women were raped by Roman soldiers and the babies were then said to be ...
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