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Tractate concerning the 36 kareis (death under 60) punishments asscribed to various Torah prohibitions

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Why is Aramaic "tlasah" used for wine in ketoret, where spices are counted in Hebrew "shlasha"?

In Talmud Keritot 6a, read in the siddur, it states, קילופה שלשה וקנמון תשעה בורית כרשינה תשעה קבין יין קפריסין סאין תלתא קבין תלתא Why is the Hebrew שלשה used for "three" (hin) in ...
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Rav Kapach on Rambam's view on the identification of Keneh bosem

As a follow up to this question, there seem to be two contradictory conclusions on what Rambam holds to be the keneh bosem. First it is said that (Rav Kapach's notes to) Rambam's commentary in the ...
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Where were sacrifices offered if not in the Temple?

When a woman has to offer sacrifices after being impure (due, for example, to childbirth), where does she bring that offering? In Masechet K'ritut, the discussion on 8a centers on a woman who has to ...
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How would anyone ever "worship idols out of love or fear"?

It says in the Gemara (Krisus 3a) that if one worships an idol without accepting it as a god, he isn't liable to even bring a chatas. This opinion seems to held according to everyone. Yet, the Gemara ...
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When did Rus bring a korban?

(Inspired by this answer.) The gemarah in krisus [8b-9a] discusses the requirement for a convert to bring a korban (sacrifice) to enter into the community. If this is the case, how could Rus have ...
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