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The Ninth Tractate in the Order of Tahoros, dealing with the laws of ritual impurity due to a seminal emission or gonorrheal secretion

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Why are אוכלי חולין בטהרה called "בני הכנסת"?

Zavim, chapter 3, mishna 2, lists a bunch of cases in which someone is deemed tame (ritually impure) by decree of the rabbis. However, it concludes, וְכֻלָּן טְהוֹרִין לִבְנֵי הַכְּנֶסֶת וּטְמֵאִין ...
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Why does the second day ruin the count, and the third day not?

Zavim, chapter 1, mishna 2, in my own, free translation, following the consensus of major commentators: Suppose someone has a seminal emission on the third day of his count of seven clean days after ...
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consequences of minor tumah nowadays

In a comment on this question that is now deleted, DoubleAA said something to the effect of Yes you become impure by sitting on the seat, but anyone who needs to care about the consequences of ...
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